We understand that you may have questions, concerns and be unsure of how to safely make health decisions for your family regarding immunizations. We are dedicated to discussing these issues with you, as well as providing educational resources, to help you make this decision in an informed manner. With the blend of traditional western medicine and alternative/holistic approach we can counsel your family on the risks & benefits of routine immunizations, as well as discuss immune support and detoxification methods post-vaccination. We believe both these factors are important in children receiving immunizations and are happy to discuss this further at your visit.

Please continue to read below our immunization policy, catch-up/alternative schedule guidelines, and information regarding medical exemptions.

Immunization Policy

At San Clemente Integrative Pediatrics we believe in the benefits that immunizations provide for children’s health and the health of our communities. However, we understand this is an important decision to make for your family and we will not deny care to patients who are under immunized or not immunized. Our goal is to provide your family with accurate and helpful information so that you can make an informed decision. Immunization encouragement and education are part of our routine practices, but we are dedicated to not making your family feel pressured or judged for your decision. We want to have an open dialogue with you and your family so that we can continue to provide care of the highest quality.

Catch-Up/Alternative Schedules

For children who are on alternative schedules or require catch-up schedules due to missed immunizations, we are happy to discuss this with you during a visit and help provide guidance on how to proceed with immunizations safely. We offer immunization-only appointments as often as needed, in between routine care appointments, which allow alternative schedules to be carried out in an easy manner.

Regarding Catch-Up Plans for School Entry/Continued Attendance:

Please Note: Alternative schedules can be as spaced as you wish them to be. However, if a “catch-up” plan is needed for a child to enter childcare/school facilities, we are unable to provide plans that do not comply with current guidelines and laws regarding the immunization entry requirements, as anything outside of those guidelines would fall under the strict temporary/permanent medical exemption guidelines which are outlined below. If a school will not admit a child due to a missing immunization, as long as it is medically safe to administer the immunization, we are unable to delay the required immunization. Although, if the school is flexible with you, it is your choice to delay and work with them (outside of amending any catch-up plans that have already been submitted).

We have been informed that schools should not require letters for registration/continued admission for any patients who are complying with the current CA guidelines/intervals. However, we have been made aware this information is not universally understood so we will continue to provide catch-up plans to provide to the school until this matter is sorted. As mentioned above, catch-up plans require patient compliance for the school to continue to accept the original letter as valid. We will provide the first catch-up plan free of charge. If letters need to be amended due to patient non-compliance each additional amendment will require a re-write fee of $20. Each letter requires detailed and individualized calculations of dates and intervals personalized to each patient and require significant time and effort from our staff. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Immunization Entry Requirements:

California law currently requires the following immunization series for school entry:

  • DTaP/Tdap
  • IPV
  • Hepatitis B
  • MMR
  • VZV
  • Hib (for Childcare Facilities/PreK) – at least 1 dose administered after the age of 1

Children must have begun each series to be conditionally admitted and must follow the current guidelines for subsequent doses. These guidelines can be found here:
https://eziz.org/assets/docs/IMM-231.pdf (K-12)
https://eziz.org/assets/docs/IMM-230.pdf (PreK/Childcare Facilities)

***If you are wanting to prove immunity by drawing lab titers, we can order those labs for you during your visit, however it is up the school whether they accept this as proof of immunity and allow the child to be admitted without proof of vaccination.

Additional resources for Immunization Entry Requirements can be found here: https://eziz.org/assets/docs/IMM-230.pdf

Medical Exemptions

We abide by all federal and local laws regarding the criteria for issuing medical exemptions. Medical exemptions are only issues in extremely rare and unique circumstances. We are unable to provide temporary or permanent exemptions for personal belief, family histories, or other reasoning that don’t meet the current criteria. Please read the Shotsforschool.org FAQ regarding medical exemptions for detailed, but easy to understand, information regarding current Medical Exemption laws. https://www.shotsforschool.org/laws/exemptions/